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Occupy Sarajevo: taking parliament hostage in Bosnia

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By Chiara Milan On June 14, 2013

Post image for Occupy Sarajevo: taking parliament hostage in BosniaA protest against administrative hurdles to identification has sparked a broader popular movement against a dysfunctional system and for real democracy. 

For over a week, demonstrators, activists and lots of children have been peacefully occupying the parliament square in Sarajevo. Since June 5th, hundreds of citizens stand in front of the building protesting against their politicians, who are unable, among other things, to adopt a permanent law on identification documents.

Nonetheless, whenever we think of Bosnia-Herzegovina, our memory recalls the war, the bloodsheds and the snipers shooting from the hills surrounding Sarajevo. The country reminds us of the Markale market slaughter, when the Bosnian Serb army dropped bombs in the midst of the crowd. The name of the city evokes its endless four-years siege and the flames wrapping around the Vijećnica, the National Library that guarded the books witnessing the multiethnic Bosnian history. Names of cities like Srebrenica and Prijedor recall the images of the first genocide in color, broadcast live on TV.

Twenty years since the end of the war, Bosnia-Herzegovina looks like a different country, although the legacy of the war is still present in the houses set on fire and kept as they are — blackened ruins “for future reference”, as their owners say. At the outbreak of the 1992-95 war, Western governments and UN agencies proved incapable of reaching an agreement for a common strategy to prevent the violence. Their belated intervention unquestionably failed to halt the war on time, nor did it put an end to the massacres of civilians. The extreme attempt of the international community to end the war by signing the Dayton Peace Agreement in November 1995 paralyzed the country into in an equilibrium that is as controversial as it is fragile.

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Brazil:Peace is Over Turkey is Here!


Αναδημοσίευση από occupied taksim

Protestors in Brazil Attacked by Police, Chant “Peace is Over Turkey is Here!”

Apparently, Turkey is setting an international example when it comes to police brutality.

Protesters chant ‘Turkey is here!’ in Brazil bus fare demos as police takes hard line

Brazilians took to the streets in several big cities to denounce the bus fare increase in protests that saw a heavy intervention from the police and accusations of vandalism by officials.”Peace is over, Turkey is here!” was one chant on the night of June 13 during the protests in several Brazilian cities. An estimated 5,000 protesters who took to the streets in Sao Paolo, including many university students, moved peacefully through the streets, with some waving Turkish flags in recognition of the protests that were sparked over the demolition attempt of Istanbul’s Gezi park. Some said that protests were inspired from the recent demos in Turkey.
Demonstrators protest along downtown Sao Paulo on June 13 against a recent rise in public bus and subway fare from 3 to 3.20 reais (1.50 USD). AFP photo
The protests demanding free public transportat have entered their second week, adding a sense of growing unrest in Brazil at a time when inflation, crime and President Dilma Rousseff’s popularity are all taking a turn for the worse. Violence erupted as police tried to quell the crowd using tear gas, water cannons and rubber bullets. Dozens were injured and nearly 200 have been detained.Demonstrations also were held in Rio de Janeiro and the southern city of Porto Alegre, raising the prospect they could spread as Brazil prepares to host soccer’s Confederations Cup – a warm-up event for next year’s World Cup – for two weeks starting on Saturday.

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Τουρκία: Το κράτος σαρώνει παντού, αυτή είναι η δημοκρατία…


Στην Τουρκία ο πολιτικός φετιχισμός έλαβε τέλος. Όλες οι μανούβρες τελείωσαν και τώρα μιλάει η άμεση βία του κράτους, η καταστολή των πάντων. Ότι επιμένει να κινείται καταστέλλεται, μια εικόνα που δείχνει την “παντοδυναμία” του κράτους, μια εικόνα που ταυτόχρονα απονομιμοποιεί το κράτος, το μετατρέπει σε αυτονομημένη δύναμη, σε δύναμη που επιβάλλει πλέον το ταξικό ανήκειν στο προλεταριάτο ως εξωτερικό καταναγκασμό. Η διεκδίκηση για “δημοκρατία”, δηλαδή για την προ κρίσης κατάσταση της δημοκρατίας ηττάται οριστικά. Η δημοκρατία είναι αυτή που υπάρχει στην Τουρκία, η δημοκρατία των TOMA, των πλαστικών σφαιρών, των δακρυγόνων, των συλλήψεων και (μέχρι νεωτέρας) μερικών δολοφονιών.



Στην Τουρκία τα δέντρα (που δεν είναι ψεύτικα χριστουγεννιάτικα) τα πυρπολεί η αστυνομία. Η αστυνομία ρίχνει καυστικά χημικά μέσα από τις αντλίες νερού, εισβάλλει στα ξενοδοχεία που φιλοξενούν διαδηλωτές, επιτίθεται σε γιατρούς και αυτοσχέδιες σκηνές για πρώτες βοήθειες, η εισβοή της στο πάρκο έχει ως αποτέλεσμα να χάνουν οι γονείς τα παιδιά τους, παιδιά τραυματίζονται:



Την ίδια ώρα στην Άγκυρα, χιλιάδες στους δρόμους έτοιμοι να συγκρουστούν σε μια μάχη που όλοι αντιλαμβάνονται ότι είναι μια μάχη “χωρίς αύριο”:



Κι ενώ η επίθεση λαμβάνει χώρα ταυτόχρονα σε πολλές πόλεις υπάρχουν πληροφορίες για χιλιάδες ανθρώπων που πορεύονται προς την Taksim:



αλλά και για χιλιάδες που οδεύουν προς το κέντρο της Άγκυρα.

Περιμενουμε να δούμε τι θα κάνει ο κόσμος της εξέγερσης, αν οδοφράγματα σαν αυτό θα γεμίσουν ολόκληρη την Τουρκία: