Riots in Ukraine after policemen accused of gang rape (video)


There have been riots in the small town of Vradiyevka in southern Ukraine after the gang rape of a woman, allegedly involving local police officers.

Mobs stormed the town’s police headquarters, after authorities refused to detain one of two policemen accused.

29 year old Iryna Krashkova says she was beaten and raped by two policemen after being grabbed on a street and forced into a taxi.She told euronews she knew exactly who her attackers were:

“For sure they were policemen because I know them, because I live in this village where they work. I never talked to them but I know that they are policemen because I live in this town.”

In Kiev, there were further demonstrations close to the presidential palace.

There is widespread anger among Ukrainians, who say corruption and lawlessness are rife, and that the police force acts as it likes with impunity.

One protester told euronews: “Today it happened in Vradiyevka, tomorrow it can happen wherever in Ukraine. It’s the social responsibility of the politicians to protect the citizens and the human rights.”

Parliament has ordered an inquiry into the incident and the ensuing violence.

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