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Βραζιλία: Αποκλεισμός κεντρικής λεωφόρου από μικροπωλητές

brasil-01 brasil-02About 50 vendors who work in the vicinity of the Faculty of Humanities of Olinda blocked the two lanes of the EP-15, on the morning of Tuesday, March 18. They began their protest at around 8 am against a decision of the local municipality which requires the removal of their tents and facilities until today, March 20.

Protesters set fire to truck tires and piled debris, closing two lanes of the road. The traffic in the city was jammed for hours. No one could pass. The group, which was equipped with banners and posters, postponed the act of removal of about 30 shacks and fiteiros.

According to the document signed by Secretary of Urban Planning and Control, Stephen Britto, the withdrawal of informal workers will be held because they are improperly installed in the area of school safety. The place where they will be relocated was not specified.

The protesters claim that they were called for negotiation, but no alternative site was offered.