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Lockout σε δύο εργοστάσια στο Bangalore στην Ινδία υπό το φόβο ταραχών


Να τι είχε συμβεί το 2012 στο εργοστάσιο της suzuki, δηλαδή, τι φοβάται η toyota:


Από τον τύπο τους:

Toyota Motor Corp’s Indian unit has temporarily closed its two plants where some workers had stopped production lines to protest a delay in salary hikes after 10 months of negotiations.

The factories near Bangalore are Toyota Motor’s only vehicle plants in the world’s sixth-biggest auto market, where the Japanese manufacturer generates just a sliver of global sales.

Their closure raises the spectre of labour unrest at Indian car plants in recent years, including a 2012 dispute at Suzuki Motor Corp  unit Maruti Suzuki India Ltd . A riot left one person dead and over 100 injured, and resulted in a $250 million month-long production loss.

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