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Καναδάς: Συγκρούσεις και εμπρησμοί περιπολικών (anti-fracking)

Police vehicles torched and shots fired at anti-fracking protest

A protest against fracking in Eastern New Brunswick has turned violent after Canadian mounted police with assault rifles and camouflage uniforms turned up to enforce a court order to remove a barricade set up by the Elsipogtog and Mi’kmaq First Nations tribes (indigenous Canadians).They pepper sprayed dozens of people, used rubber bullets, sets dogs on people, and fired high powered hoses The protesters responded by throwing petrol bombs and setting fire to five police vehicles.

Over 40 arrests were made and. It is alleged that at least one shot was fired at the police and security goons, and that a small incendiary device was found nearby. The police told the protesters that – “Crown lands belong to the government, not to fucking natives.”

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Χιλή: ο κοινωνικός πόλεμος των νέων συνεχίζεται


από τον τύπο τους:

Thousands of protesters clashed with police on Thursday during a mass student march in Santiago. Students were demanding reforms to the education system and a louder voice in the decision making process a month before the elections on November 17.

Students are demanding that the government give control over the mostly privatized public universities back to the state and make education free. The current Chilean education system dates back to former leader General Pinochet who privatized universities and created a voucher system for primary and secondary school.

Last year President Sebastian Pinera passed education reforms after months of student protests, giving him the lowest approval ratings since the dictatorship ended in 1990. Education has become a key electoral issue for political candidates running for presidency next month.