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Αργεντινή: Το κράτος καταστέλλει κατάληψη εγκαταστάσεων εργοστασίου


Κοινωνικές συγκρούσεις που προκύπτουν μετά τα “μνημόνια”

από τον τύπο τους:

There have been violent clashes in the city of Yerba Buena, in northern Argentina, after police evicted hundreds of squatters from an unused factory.

Squatting is a controversial issue in the country – the government accuses opposition forces of encouraging illegal squatting as a means of undermining the ruling party of President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.


Αργεντινή: Ταραχές σε απεργία σιδηροδρομικών

Constitucion Incidentes 03-07-2013 Foto Mario Mosca

Αναδημοσίευση από αστικό τύπο:

Minister of Security Sergio Berni has alleged that the serious attacks on Constitución train station had to have been previously planned. After disturbances that left at least 10 in police custody, the official fired that he was convinced that the incidents were far from spontaneous.

“We are convinced that it was organised, working people do not go around with a can of petrol in their hands,” Berni affirmed on arriving at the scene.

The incidents broke out around 7pm, when the effects of strike action that has affected hundreds of thousands of commuters trying to return home became most acute.

Irate protestors in the vicinity of Constitución began to attack the station with projectiles, also directing stones and other objects at the city buses which represented the only mode of public transportation to reach the southern zone of Buenos Aires.

Police arrived swiftly on the scene, but the group of demonstators escalated their attacks with stones and other debris from a nearby building site, and began to pull down fences on the adjacent street, while the station shows clear signs of damage – including broken windows and fire damage.