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Αμπού Ντάμπι: Εργάτες συγκρούονται μεταξύ τους


Two groups of workers clashed in a labour accommodation on Saadiyat Island early this week leaving 38 people wounded, sources said.

The law-enforcement authorities controlled the situation and took some people into custody on Tuesday evening.

According to witnesses, the incident happened when a group of Bangladeshi workers allegedly beat up some Pakistani workers around 8pm on Monday after an exchange of heated arguments between two workers of either nationality over the handing over of a key.

Next day, Pakistani workers allegedly ganged up and roughed up Bangladeshi labourers and in the evening both groups again had a fight leaving at least 38 people wounded.

The attack was a result of a long-brewing unease which started a couple of months back when Pakistani workers did not join Bangladeshis in their strike against low wages. The management fired and deported several workers replacing with Pakistanis, according to Farooq Langoov, Welfare Counsellor at the Pakistan Embassy, who met with Pakistani workers and narrated their side of the story to this correspondent.