Gezi Park Resistance June 3rd



June 3rd, 2013
Day 7

The resistance in Gezi Park started the day with free breakfast at the community kitchen. The barricades in Sıraselviler, Gümüşsuyu, and Gezi Park were still intact. On this first day of the week, the resistance spread to the Kanyon shopping mall. The resisters called on the customers in cafes like Starbucks and Kitchenette to join the resistance and chanted slogans against the government. Pretty soon, the cafes had to take down their shutters. The ongoing protests against the Garanti Bank (a part of the Doğuş Corporation) caused a significant decline in the bank’s stocks.

Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan gave a press conference at the airport before taking off for his trip to North Africa. Reuters correspondent Birsen Altaylı became the first journalist to ask the Prime Minister a direct question about the Gezi Park resistance. While Erdoğan defined the resistance as protests organized by the main opposition party CHP, Altaylı emphasized that there were housewives and high school students without any political commitment among the protesters.

Hundreds of protesters gathered in front of NTV and Habertürk, two TV channels that did not report the first days of the resistance and made pro-government broadcast in the days that followed. People who worked at NTV were called on to join the resistance, and some of them left the building to join the crowd.

As the resistance continued, the infirmary made important announcements. The first one was about alcohol consumption. It was noted that people who have consumed alcohol could not donate blood, and that this caused difficulties in treating the wounded. Moreover, those who were wounded could not be treated with medicine, had they consumed alcohol, and thus, alcohol consumption had to be minimized or stopped altogether. The second announcement was about the kitchen that was to be established inside the Gezi Park -there was a need for supplies. With the people’s collective work, the kitchen was in use by the afternoon.

The cast and crew of the popular TV series The Magnificent Century cancelled their set and came to the Gezi Park in solidarity. Taksim Cooperation called for a meeting at 19:00. Müştereklerimiz, a confederation of different collectives, published a list of the supplies they needed.

Taksim Cooperation announced their demands with a press release at 19:00 (δες εδώ)

At around 20:00, the protesters reported to have been subjected to tear gas around Gümüşsuyu and Taşkışla, two of the streets leading up to the Taksim Square. The effects of the gas were perceivable in Gezi Park, on the Taksim Square and even on İstiklal Street. However, the source of the gas could not be identified.

At midnight, the protests and the resistance in Taksim Gezi Park were still in effect.
Around 2am the tensıon between the protesters and the police has increased at the last barricade on Gümüşsuyu-İnönü Stadium line. While police continuously bombarded the are with gas there has been numbers of arrests. During the arrests the high number of police in civilian outfit was noticeable.

By 4am the resistance was still going on in Taksim Square.

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